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I help online entrepreneurs feel confident that their words will authentically connect withsell to their dream clients – so they can build a thriving business that brings them joy, stability, and purpose.

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“I want to write my own copy and expand my copywriting skills, but I don’t want to do it from scratch. I’m looking for tools and guidance from a pro.”

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“I already have copy, but I want to know what changes I can make to optimize it to better connect with and convert buyers… and I’m looking for a quick turnaround.”

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“I want to get my hands on everything I need to DIY my website copy, without the stress, wasted time, or uncertainty on where to start.”

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“I’m ready to hand over my copy to-do list to a pro, so I can stay in my zone of genius and feel confident that everything’s optimized to connect and convert.”



[kaa – pee – rai – tuhng• verb

1. the art, science, and pure magic of using words to encourage people to take action.

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hi! I’m megan.

Copywriter. Messaging expert. Coffee lover. Founder of The Copy Template Shop.

I help women online business owners stop marketing aimlessly and start building real relationships with the people they feel driven to serve.

My specialty is story-led messaging that builds authentic connection – because I know that selling with ease starts with a foundation of the right words and a crystal-clear messaging strategy.

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Megan has unbelievable talent to write.

“Our website copy was terrible, and we needed a revamp to go with our new website launch.

Megan has this unbelievable talent to write. She has the ability to make chicken scratch (what we call in in the south) into a beautiful story. It was like she had literally been building our business with us.

She told our story in a way we could never imagine – it was like she was an old friend. She made us want to purchase our own service!”

Jenni & Kristin, CPAs

I felt actively supported, and like you're rooting for my success

“I’m a copywriter myself, but writing for yourself is an entirely different beast. I had been procrastinating for a while, and just generally struggling to do for me what I do for my clients.

Now, I have copy ready to plug-and-play into a new website. I feel the copy conveys what I’m all about + what’s different about my approach and services.

You know your shit and I felt very seen while working with you. More than that, I felt actively supported, and like you’re rooting for my success.”

Fabiana Nilsson, Business Coach

I'm thrilled with how you elevated my website.

“I was struggling to succinctly convey the benefits of my programs, and speak to hesitations. Now, I have the most amazing copy ever! And the confidence that my launch will be epic.

You get my brand AND you took the time to intimately understand the desires and hesitations of my two ICAs.

You’re a genius, and I’m so glad I met you. The only downside: I can’t live without you!”

Corinne, Professional Organizer

I finally have a website that I love!

“I struggled to put what I had in my mind into words, and writing copy that’s compelling, simple, and effective.

I’m SO IN LOVE with my website copy now. I finally have a website that I love and want to share with others!

The clarity on my message and the confidence I have that my website will convert is priceless. (Really – I read my website at least 3x day now!)”

Giovana, Bookkeeper & Financial Coach

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Copy Dates Podcast

A copywriting podcast for online entrepreneurs.

You have a story worth telling, a message worth sharing, and incredibly impactful offers… and developing your copywriting skills is one of the best ways to bring all that magic to the world.

With The Copy Dates Podcast, I want to show online entrepreneurs like you how you can achieve your goals while writing copy that feels like a true extension of you AND creates a deep connection between you brand and your buyers.

So grab a hot drink and get ready to cozy up with your weekly dose of magnetic messaging and captivating copy.

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Megan Taylor is a messaging expert and copywriter for online entrepreneurs. She helps her clients stop marketing aimlessly and start building real relationships with the people they feel driven to serve. More 

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