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Hey, I'm Megan. But you can call me...

Your copy barista

I specialize in pouring up words that fuel your next-level growth while also giving your brand an irresistible vibe that makes perfect-fit clients want to cozy up and stay awhile.

Like brewing the perfect cup of coffee, my process involves a deep understanding of the right ingredients, a touch of creative artistry, and an appreciation for your audience’s unique tastes and preferences.

If you’re looking for someone who can filter all those thoughts swirling around in your brain, extract the juiciest notes, and artfully blend them into words that make buyers keep coming back for a refill — well…

I'm your girl.

Want a taste of what I’m serving?

Curl up and and binge-listen to the Fueled by Words podcast. Over 8 short episodes, I’ll walk you through my LATTE method for high-converting copy, share client success stories, and spill the beans on what it’s like to work with me.

My approach

I like my copy how I like my coffee…



Messaging that fuels conversions and growth, because it’s powered by detailed research and proven strategies.



Words that flow and tell an easy-to-follow story, smoothly guiding the reader towards the action you want them to take.



Intentional language that brings rich flavor and leaves a lasting impression. (I’m anti-cliché and allergic to jargon.)



Projects that start with a fresh dive into your distinct positioning, so we can place your unique value front and center.



Brand research that prioritizes your voice, your “isms”, and your ideal clients’ desires, for copy that’s steeped in connection.



Sales techniques that prioritize informed decision-making, respect for all readers, and transparency.

Client Results

My words have helped my clients…
See a
1 x

Conversion rate and page view increase within just one month

$ 1 K

From a new sales page and a week-long email campaign

$ 100

Service packages to lukewarm leads, without sales calls


Students into an online course, generating $70,000 in 12 days

I work with

Online service providers, coaches, agencies, digital product sellers, and course creators who…

The Copy Menu

My Speciality Brews
What'll it be?

Copy Fix

A speedy copy audit (formerly my 'Copy SOS')

Does your existing or ready-to-publish sales page, email sequence, or landing page need a little boost? Let’s take things from ‘bland and watered-down’ to ‘smooth and irresistible’.

With my Copy Fix, I’ll tell you exactly what I would change to optimize your copy for more clarity, connection, and conversions. Within 5 business days (usually less), I’ll send you my detailed notes, prompts to help you rewrite key sections, and a 20 (ish) minute video explaining exactly how to implement my suggestions.

Caffeinated Copy Sprint

A week-long copy intensive

Have a specific copy to-do you want to get off your plate ASAP? Whether your sales page needs a refresh ahead of your launch, you’re finally ready to set up that evergreen funnel sequence, or you simply have a copy ‘hit list’ you’d love to hand over to me, I’ll work my magic. All you have to do is sit back, sip, and hit publish.

This isn’t the kind of intensive where I ask you to send me your notes in a Google doc before I write away in my own little bubble. My Copy Sprints are collaborative and strategy-led, so you get expertly-brewed copy with an extra shot of messaging clarity.

Positioning Perk-Up

A 60-minute consultation
$400 or 2 x $200

Does something feel a little bit sticky in your business? Maybe you’re making a bold pivot, but the words and ideas aren’t flowing smoothly. Maybe you’re tired of attracting bad-fit clients, and you want messaging that filters them out before they book a sales call. Or maybe you’re developing a new offer and need some help highlighting the full value of what you deliver.

These hour-long sessions are dedicated to helping you wake up your messaging and take those next steps with a triple shot of confidence. Together, we’ll dig deep into what’s keeping you stuck, unravel the complexities, and get you some full-bodied clarity on how to move forward.

Website Copy Packages

Messaging strategy + website copy
2-3 weeks
Starting at $5000

Undergoing a rebrand or a major pivot in your business? That fresh branding or new product suite deserves equally impactful words to help you get your offers in front of the right buyers and sell them with ease.

With my website copy package, we take the time to really get to the root of your desired customer journey so that your future website can effectively attract leads and close sales in a way that works for both you and your dream clients.

Launch/Funnel Packages

Sales page + email sequence
2-3 weeks
Starting at $5000

It’s no secret that launching a new offer (or even re-launching an existing one) can add a lot of to-dos to your plate. With my launch copy package, I’ll take care of ALL your copy-related tasks — so you can focus your energy and attention where it makes the most sense.

Not only will I take care of all of your copy, but I’m also here to become a full launch partner. I bring 7+ years of launch strategy and management to our work together, and I’ll work with you to come up with a messaging and sales strategy that ensures your audience has all the info they need to make an informed buying decision.

Client Testimonials

Piping Hot Praise


Got a question brewing?

I only take on one website or launch project per month, which means you get the full VIP treatment (and a quicker turnaround on your copy) but also means I get booked up rather quickly. I generally recommend reaching out 2-3 months in advance, but the best way to get my current availability is to fill out the inquiry form.

Caffeinated Copy Sprints and Positioning Perk-Ups are booked on an as-needed basis, and I can usually squeeze you in within a week or two.

You can book a Copy Fix at any time and get your feedback within 5 business days.

I predominantly work with women entrepreneurs in the online business space — i.e. web-based service providers (including coaches of all kinds), agencies, course creators, and digital product sellers.

If you deliver your services offline but primarily sell online (e.g. photographers, other wedding professionals, accountants), we may still be a good fit. Let’s chat!

I tend not to work with businesses in the tech or SaSS industry, eCommerce (dropshipping) businesses, or anyone operating a traditional brick-and-mortar business.

To really make the most of your done-for-you copy investment, I’d recommend only reaching out if you’ve been in business for a while and have a solid understanding of your offer suite and your target audience. (I’d hate for you to invest in a website and then change your whole business soon after!)

My done-for-you services are a four-figure investment. If this is out of reach for you right now, my Copy Fix service or copywriting templates might be exactly what you need!

Not at this time.

My done-for-you services are more geared toward website and sales copywriting rather than general content marketing. That said, I can (and have!) write a bulk of blog posts or social captions in a Caffeinated Copy Sprint. If you think this might be a good option for you, please use the inquiry form below to let me know more!

For website and launch projects, you should expect to set aside a few hours to complete the questionnaire, 90 minutes for our strategy session, and an hour each week to provide feedback. I’ll send you a more detailed timeline once we have our project dates picked.

For a Caffeinated Copy Sprint or Positioning Perk-Up, your questionnaire will take about an hour to complete, plus 60 minutes for our consultation.

For a Copy Fix, you’ll be redirected to a short form after checkout that should take you no more than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Absolutely! No matter what platform or tools you’re using, I work with a network of trusted partners who can help you bring your vision to life. If you need a designer or other contractor, feel free to let me know at any point during our work together and I’d be happy to make a recommendation.

I sure do! If you’d like to get in touch about a possible collaboration, you can reach me at [email protected].

Simply fill out the inquiry form below with as much detail as possible, and I’ll get back to you within 3 business days with details on my availability and next steps.

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Got that warm and fuzzy feeling like we might just go together like cappuccinos and croissants? Please fill out this form and I’ll be in touch within 3 business days.

Brew your own copy

(with gourmet-level ingredients)

Want DIY’d copy that doesn’t sound DIY’d? I’ve got just the thing. The Copy Template Shop helps you step up your copy game, giving you all the outlines, prompts, and tools you need to write your own words without sacrificing quality, strength, or flavor.