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Here’s the story…

I’ve always had a love affair with words.

I’ve been telling stories my whole life. It’s true. Drop over to their house and my parents will proudly show you home videos of baby Megan babbling made-up stories as I flip through my picture books, years before I could actually read.

Born and (mostly) raised in Newfoundland, my roots are firmly planted in a culture of storytelling. Cause if you’ve ever met a Newfie, you know we can tell you a story about anything.

But you don’t have to be from the friendliest island on earth to know what I’m talking about. Take it from a girl who’s been to more than 35 countries: no matter where we’re from, we all love a good story.

I’ve had the pleasure of living among the sandy dunes of Qatar, the rolling green hills of Scotland, and the cobbled streets of Paris. All of my adventures have given me the pleasure of a life full to the brim of delicious food — and delicious stories. 

Across continents + cultures, I’ve seen first-hand that any two people can connect, as long as they are willing to intentionally share and listen to each others’ stories.

Stories connect us with the world, the people around us, and our purpose.

That’s why good storytelling is the foundation of good copywriting.

my personal mission:

To bust through the “I’m not a good writer” BS & show every passionate, talented entrepreneur that they have a story worth sharing… and that finding the right words to share it doesn’t have to feel so darn hard.

What I do:

It’s pretty simple, really.

I like to tell my clients we’re working together to find that sweet spot between what they have to say and what their dream buyers actually want to hear.

Because if you ask me, owning and growing a thriving business needs to be strategic… but it also needs to feel good – authentic, intentional and enjoyable.

And that includes the stories you’re putting out into the world.

the values

that guide my work.


Growing businesses in a way that feels right. No pretending to be something you’re not, no sleazy sales techniques. Just truth, realness, and a lot of being human.


Stories and conversations that build genuine relationships. Marketing and content that *clicks*, serves a true need, and fosters connection.


All actions done with intention, not because some “Top 10” blog post said you should. Strategies guided on best practices yet rooted in your vision, values & goals.


Goodbye quick fixes, so long hustle. Solutions that prioritise people, and that lead to growth without sacrificing joy, stability or purpose.

The Resume.

My love for writing, stories, and bringing people together led me to study all things communication at university. Still baby-faced, I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and threw a Certificate in Marketing into the mix (because #overachiever).

Desperate to get an international perspective (and have a resume-appropriate excuse to continue traveling the world), I skipped across the pond to Scotland, where I earned my Master’s in Strategic Communication Management.

I worked in the traditional 9-5 world for a few years, dipping my toes into branches of government (I fancied myself a bit of an Olivia Pope for a while), small startups, and world-class marketing agencies.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: No matter how many bomb blog posts I wrote, events I coordinated, or social media campaigns I launched to success… I felt incredibly unfulfilled.

Pretty much a prerequisite for the creative entrepreneur life, am I right?

I grew tired of using my skills to help rich companies get richer. Of sharing one-sided messages that focused on selling rather than serving.

megan taylor at her master's graduation in stirling, scotland

And then I met the online entrepreneur community…

And I fell in love.

megan taylor copywriter smiling at her desk while typing

As I grappled with the thought that ‘hey, maybe climbing the corporate ladder isn’t for me after all’, I dove into every learning resource I could get my hands on (hello and thank you, CopyHackers), and traded in my nightly Netflix binge-watching for some tea-fueled freelancing.

I got my start the good old fashioned way: scraping the bottom of the online-freelancing-platform-barrel for gigs that paid next to nothing. You’ll never hear me glorify the hustle, but I’ll admit that working my butt off on my 3-hour commute for a $20 payout taught me a lot about writing, patience, and balance.

Branding and copywriting quickly became more than just a ‘side gig’ for me; it was an outlet for me to express my creativity, rediscover my worth, and help talented people all around the world launch and grow connection-driven businesses. 

Nothing lights a fire in me like helping talented women connect with their purpose, their value, and their story + share it with the world with the right words.

It’s that exact fire that pushed me to leave the corporate gig behind in January 2018. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of solopreneurs, creative teams, and small businesses find joy, meaning, and long-term success through powerful, story-led brands that drive real connection.

And man, does it feel good. 

megan taylor holding a baby sheep and smiling
megan taylor and her husband simon at their wedding

Go-to cuisine:


Never fails to make me happy:

Baby goats !

Fave writing music:

Hans Zimmer

When I’m not telling stories I’m:

Reading them

Fave city:
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coffee & Cosmos


Now that we’re internet friends…

what’s next for us?

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