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Are you someone who struggles with writer’s block?

Do you ever have difficulty getting your point across while writing copy for your business?

If so, this post was made for you!

Today, I’m going to be diving into the concept of messaging and why I believe a clear brand messaging strategy is the single most transformational thing you can have as a business owner.

What is messaging?

When it comes to the concept of brand messaging, there are a lot of preconceived notions about what it is exactly. There are many assumptions that messaging is just an elevator pitch or a business slogan — but it encompasses WAY more. 

Brand messaging is strategically choosing words and ideas that allow you to share your unique value with your audience. 

In other words, your messaging is what helps you differentiate from similar businesses in your industry. 

Why is messaging important?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for 5 months or 5 years, it’s crucial to have a clear message for your business. 

Messaging is what will allow you to confidently state what you do, who you serve, and why you do it for your business. It helps you effectively position yourself in the market. 

Your messaging will impact all aspects of your business — — from the type of offers you create, to the niche you focus on, to the way you attract clients, and so much more. 

You have to be sure to integrate your message throughout all parts of your business or it won’t be clear to your audience what your business values. 

brand messaging strategy

How does messaging evolve?

The messaging for your business should be ever-changing. It should be tied directly with your business’s goals. 

When you are creating your messaging, you need to be sure it aligns with what you are trying to achieve and who you are trying to attract in your business right now

NOTE: It’s important to remember that creating your messaging is NOT a one-and-done thing. 

You are going to have to revisit your messaging as your business grows and as you create new goals. If you don’t align your message properly, it could have a negative impact on your business growth.

Things to get clear on when creating your brand messaging strategy…

I want to touch on a few key areas that are super important when it comes to honing in on your messaging, but to get even more detail be sure to Grab the Messaging Clarity Journal!. 

Messaging components you should get VERY clear on: 

1. Take a look at your existing messaging. How are you describing yourself and your brand? Think about all of the things that no longer resonate with you and the goals you have for your business right now.

2. What is the vision for your business? Identify the short and long-term vision you have for your business, and get clear on things like your brand values and your mission statement.

3. Look for inspiration from your business community! What are similar businesses doing that can help you identify what you like and dislike? Take inspiration from them to help you generate ideas for changes you could make to your business. 

4. Get clear on the brand voice. What is your business’s personality? Do you have any specific hot takes or topics you take a strong stance on that make you stand out from others? 

5. Think about your DREAM client. Who are they? What problems do they face? What solutions are they looking for? If you can identify the outcomes these clients want, you can better direct your offers and services to them.

6. Work on brand storytelling. What are some work stories that can allow you to connect with your audience? These stories allow us to build connection-driven relationships and help build trust.

Coffee Break:

Today I want you to identify three things that make you different from your competitors. 

Then, take those ideas and create a “Why we’re different” section on your services page, or add a “Why this program or course is different” section to your sales page.

I want you to be clear on why someone should choose to invest in your offer or service over someone else’s — not only so you can spell it out for your audience, but also so that you have that clarity in your overall sales messaging.

Copywriting 101: Getting Clear on Your Messaging: The Bottomline

I hope from this post you were able to see why messaging should always be a top priority for your business. Having a strong message is what will help you set yourself apart from others. 

Be sure you are continuously revisiting your brand messaging. You have to align your message with your business’s goals and the clients you are wanting to attract to your services and offers!  

Thank you for reading!

If you love what you learned, be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways. I’d love to hear from you! See you back here in the next post — and remember, I’m rooting for you, always.

For more information about the blog, or other ways you can work with me, check out: www.megantaylor.co



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