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As 2021 comes to a close, I know so many of you are already thinking about all of your launches and business plans in 2022. As you prepare for that, I want to shed some insight into what you should be doing before every launch to really set yourself up for success.

So many business owners don’t make the most out of their launches because they skip these vital steps. I want to help you squeeze everything you can out of each launch (without overworking yourself), and carrying out the following steps makes all the difference. 

The biggest takeaway I want you to have? Focus on more than just the “during” piece of your launch. Make the most out of that pivotal foundation phase, which can really enhance your ability to get everything you want out of your launch.

Tip #1: Ask Your Audience What They Want 

The first thing to do before launching is to ask your audience what they want. Seems simple enough, right? This market research step is SO important in ensuring that your offer is completely irresistible to your audience. 

This should be done if you’re launching something completely new OR even if you’re relaunching an existing offer. This helps you understand if a previous offer doesn’t necessarily resonate with your audience anymore or what needs to be changed to best meet their current needs.

Having your audience give their input gives a lot of insight into if your brainstorms are what they’re looking for or if you need to switch directions. Since the wants and needs of your audience are always changing, this is hugely important in a successful launch.

When doing this, make sure to ask your audience that is engaged with you and your business. Be thoughtful around this – just asking a random Facebook group or a selection of your friends and family isn’t going to get you the information you want and need when it comes to gathering valuable feedback that can enhance your launch.

Send an email to your subscriber list and share some of the things you’re considering doing in 2022. Invite your subscribers to reply to share their thoughts. This is a great place to start in asking your audience what they want to see.

Tip #2: Keep Things Simple

Another important thing to do as you gear up for your launch is to keep things simple, especially when it comes to your offer and message. There are SO many different launch strategies and bells and whistles out there, but it doesn’t mean you should include them all.

Going overboard on your launch strategies can confuse your audience. Peel things back to the basics to see what resonates with your audience and test things out. 

Don’t get caught up in ALL the things you can do and try zeroing in on a few key, simpler things to see what appeals to your audience best. Doing too much for one launch means you’re doing a lot, but you likely won’t do any of these things well. And that’s what matters!

Remember that running a business is not a race. There’s no finish line. Doing every single thing at once isn’t going to get you success any faster. There’s time – so put some things to the sidelines now and focus on a simple, key offer.

Make a list of the few key things you want to test in this launch. Test the things you’re curious about and do so in a concise way to really understand the answers to the questions you’re asking.

conversion copywriting

Tip #3: Set a Goal

Make sure that you set a goal as a part of your launch planning process. My official recommendation is to set three of them: a good goal, a better goal, and a “Holy $h!t, I can’t believe I did that,” goal. 

The first goal is what you really want, but a bit lower. The better goal is what encourages you to jump out of bed on a tough day and really strive for what you’re going for. When it comes to your “Holy $h!t” goal, don’t be afraid to set this “shoot for the moon” target. You never know what’s possible if you don’t dream and try!

And here’s a bonus tip for you. Share your goals – particularly your “Holy $h!t” goal! The more you put it out there, the more support you’ll have around it. And thus, the more likely you are to meet it. 

You need to make sure you’re sharing that goal with the people working on your launch with you particularly. These people are your cheerleaders, so clue them in to what they’re cheering for.

Think about your internal and external goals for this launch. The internal goal is the one you share, which is likely more revenue-based. The external goal is the true motivation behind what you’re doing.

Planning Your Best Launch Yet in 2022: Optimizing for Connections & Conversions – The Bottomline

I hope that these tips have helped you reexamine how you can better set up your launch in order to meet your goals and achieve success. These steps make it so much easier to get what you want out of your launch, so don’t skimp on the pre-launch process!

Thank you for reading! If you love what you learned, be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways. I’d love to hear from you! 

And if you’re ready to set up your waitlist page for your upcoming offer, head on over to the Copy Template Shop to grab your waitlist page copy template today!

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See you back here in the next post — and remember, I’m rooting for you, always!



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