Proof is in the Pudding (The Deliverables)

Today we’re going to talk about the physical parts of your offer and how to present them to your audience. This encompasses all of the tangible parts of your offer: think workbooks, swag, meal plans, or the modules of your digital course. Essentially anything that the client gains access to after they purchase your offer.

But how much emphasis should you be placing on those tangible things in your sales copy? What should you be highlighting on your sales page and in your sales emails to emphasize the big picture results you’re promising? 

The answer is as simple and as complicated as knowing your audience, and their level of experience with digital courses or coaching.

Don’t Repeat Their Past

For the sake of this blog post, let’s assume that you are selling an online course. 

You’re first going to need to gauge the amount of experience your audience has had with online courses. If they’re unfamiliar with this style of learning or coaching, they may need more information at the jump to reassure them that your offer is real and valuable. 

Their level of experience with online courses also dictates how much help they need to navigate the sales process. If they’re familiar with digital courses, extra guidance (like FAQs on how to access the program or how long they have access for) may seem redundant or like a waste of time. For others, knowing this information in advance might be a selling point. 

You also want to consider whether or not your typical client has ben burned by the online course industry before. This is especially true if what you’re promising is tricky to obtain (e.g. weight loss results). In these cases, your sales page is going to need additional sections that soothe their concerns.

So — with all of this in mind, how much information should you actually give in relation to the tangible parts of your offer? What the heck do you highlight?

know your audience

Less is More: The Bottomline

Don’t tell the 80s, but it’s true with eyeshadow and your offer: less is more. 

No matter what it is you’re actually selling, you’re essentially selling possibility to your audience — and you don’t need to clutter that up with endless lists of all the modules your clients will get. 

The desired transformation will look different for every customer, so paint them a broader picture with your words and let them fill in their own blanks.Build them a framework of what your offer will help them with, and let them dream of their endless possibility within that space. 

The bottom line? Your audience is probably busy (isn’t everybody these days?), so they don’t need to know every literal aspect of your program.

Don’t just state the what- state the SO what! They don’t need to know you’ll provide them with bonus content and unlimited Voxer access, but letting them know WHY Voxer access with you is valuable will go a long way.

Always tie the details into your overall offer. You’re able to highlight the intangible benefits of your courses with cultivated details sprinkled throughout to reinforce your overall promise. You’re offering to help them change their lives, but really you’re equipping them with tools and new ways of thinking that they’re going to have to implement on their own. Give them a peek into the foundations you’ll help them build, and let them do the rest. 

Thank you for reading! If you love what you learned, be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways. I’d love to hear from you! 

And if you’re ready to set up your launch sales copy for your upcoming offer, head on over to the Copy Template Shop to grab your sales copy templates today!

See you back here in the next post — and remember, I’m rooting for you, always.


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