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In the past two weeks, I’ve discussed strategizing the different phases of your launch in order to get the maximum benefit out of each of them. 

We started off with what to do before your launch, dove into what to work on during your launch… and today, I’m wrapping up this launch mini-series by discussing something that I think is commonly missed in the launch process: examining the data that comes out of each launch after it’s done.

It’s tempting to just move on once a launch is done, putting it behind us. But doing that causes us to miss out on a lot of useful information and the opportunity to see where we can make changes next time to spur even more success.

So come on this final leg of the launch journey with me and learn how you can conduct what I call a launch post-mortem. I promise you won’t regret it!

Collecting Data Post-Launch

After your launch, you need to continue setting yourself up for success. Set aside time to analyze what went well and what you’d do differently next time after each launch. Doing this ensures that you keep making your launches better and better!

My biggest advice in this is to collect ALL the data you can, then set aside time after the launch is over to go through these numbers. Really dig into what they mean and figure out how and what you can learn from them.

I like to call this conducting a post-mortem. It sounds kind of morbid, I know – but hey, it works! 

Put together a document where you add all the context from the launch and the results. From there, look deep into the numbers to decipher what they mean. Ask what you did well, what you should continue doing, and what you can change and improve on next time.  

This will serve as an amazing guide that will help you refine your next launch to really speak to your clients the way that they want you to. And you know this because it’s what the data is telling you!

launch success

Data Points to Examine

Here are the things you should look closely at during your post-mortem exercise following a launch:

  • How many people who purchased were repeat customers versus new buyers?
  • How many buyers were warm leads versus cold leads?
  • Examine the open rate of your emails (this indicates the strength of your subject lines)
  • Look at the click-through rate of your emails (this indicates the strength of your sales emails’ copy)
  • Which emails converted better?

You should also consider installing a heat-mapping tool on your sales page or using a visitor recordings feature. This shows where people start to drop off on your site and where they spend the most time, which could be very useful information to use in evolving your sales site.

Launches are Living Hypotheses: The Bottom Line

So much about launching is making a hypothesis and testing it again and again. Collecting data and using it to refine the way you do things accordingly is sure to make your hypothesis more and more accurate over time.

Your assignment from today’s episode is to figure out what you’re interested in knowing about your launch strategy and figure out what you’re testing. Zero in on what you’re looking at to see what works and doesn’t. This will give you helpful insights that you’ll totally use in planning your next launch.

Thank you for reading! If you love what you learned, be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways. I’d love to hear from you! 

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See you back here in the next post — and remember, I’m rooting for you, always.


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