overcoming objections

If you’re getting ready to write your launch or sales copy, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’ll dive into how you can overcome objections in your copy for more conversions.

It’s normal to feel uneasy about overcoming objections. So, if that’s how you are feeling right now, don’t worry. This post is meant to help you learn how to overcome these in a gentle, empathetic, and ethical way. Rest assured knowing that you DON’T have to go about things in a way that feels slimy or manipulative.

What are Buyer Objections?

First things first, what are buyer or sales objections? In the simplest terms possible, these are the things that stand in the way of potential buyers investing in your offer. It’s the reason they’re “on the fence.”

An objection is NOT the same as someone saying no to an offer. I want to be clear about that. A full-bodied no is a rejection, not an objection. Objections occur when someone is on the fence about saying yes. They’re genuinely unsure. 

Picture these people on a seesaw. They’re not sure which way they’re teetering.

I know that the idea of overcoming these objections can be very overwhelming. You’re not alone in feeling that. But you can take some solace in knowing most objections fall into three main categories. These are:

  • TimeI don’t know if I have the time right now; I don’t know if this will be worth my time. 
  • MoneyWill this be worth the investment?
  • Fit Is this offer a fit for my business? I’m not sure I will get the results advertised for this offer…

Objections can vary (this is certainly not a comprehensive list), but most of them fit into these categories.

overcoming objections

The Importance of Overcoming Objections

I really want you to walk away from this post with an understanding that handling sales objections in your copy doesn’t have to be unethical when it’s handled with empathy and an awareness of your client’s needs. In fact, it’s incredibly important if you want to serve your audience.

Usually, the objections potential buyers have are valid. And once you understand that, you often can provide a valid solution to overcome those objections. 

If you’re someone who struggles to overcome sales objections in your copy, my biggest tip for you is to reframe objections as hesitations. This makes it feel softer, more empathetic, and gentler. It takes that weight off of us and helps us realize just how natural it is to have hesitations around making purchases. 

When we make any purchases, it’s completely normal to think about the money we are spending and how the product will fit into different aspects of our lives. And when we pay attention to just how common hesitations are in the buying process, we can understand how important it is to address these things in our sales copy. 

It’s normal for your audience to have these hesitations! And in turn, addressing them means you’re doing them a service. 

There are several places you can write copy to overcome these objections:

  • On your sales page (woven into general sales page content)
  • FAQs section
  • Sales emails 
  • Social media posts or content

Overcoming Objections Spurs a Deeper Connection: The Bottom Line

There are so many opportunities to overcome objections and help you connect with your buyers on a deeper level. Doing this helps you ramp up your conversions and sales. Isn’t this what we all want for our business? But the fact that we also value the customer experience guides us to a balance of also honoring those objections and knowing our clients’ limits.

I hope this post has helped you look at sales objections in a different way and inspired you to go about it empathetically and ethically to best serve your audience.

Thank you for reading! If you love what you learned, be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways. I’d love to hear from you! 

And if you’re ready to set up your sales page in a way that addresses common client objections, head on over to the Copy Template Shop to grab your sales copy templates today!

See you back here in the next post — and remember, I’m rooting for you, always.


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overcoming objections in sales copy
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