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I hate to break it to you but… writing copy for your business isn’t something that will always come naturally. (Even for us professional copywriters!) 

If you’ve struggled with writing sales copy, you aren’t alone. 

Writing true and authentic copy that serves your audience, while also selling your products or services, can be a daunting or uncomfortable task. 

That’s exactly why I’m addressing this issue today and sharing my strategies as to how you can finally overcome this feeling of discomfort. Ready to start owning your copy and messaging? Then keep reading.

Where the negative feelings come from.

When you’re fairly new to promoting your business and services, it can feel… weird at first.

Even when you have the BEST intentions, you can still write copy that doesn’t feel aligned.

Truth – I’ve been writing copy for more than five years and this is still something I can struggle with!

What I’ve noticed is — in myself and in others that I’ve coached — is that negative feelings tend to come in when we try to fit ourselves and our ideas inside of someone else’s box.

How copy formulas can hurt instead of help.

It’s important to note that sales copy formulas are different from copywriting templates. These formulas are step-by-step models that you see implemented heavily in the industry (like the PAS framework — pain, agitate solve).

These formulas instruct you to talk about certain things in a certain order and can end up becoming limiting. 

Now, I’m not saying these formulas are bad or shouldn’t be used! They can be super helpful and take the guesswork out of the copywriting process.

However, sometimes what you end up with is writing that doesn’t sound authentic to you. When you don’t write sales copy that resonates with you, many times it won’t resonate with your reader. 

When we don’t bring our voice and our purpose-driven authenticity into the copy we write, that’s when those icky feelings pop up. 

sales copy

You aren’t alone!

I know it can seem super overwhelming at times when you’re trying to deliver intentional copy, and I want you to realize you aren’t alone in the struggle. 

I relied so heavily on copywriting frameworks at first because I didn’t fully trust in myself or my abilities as a copywriter. I didn’t think I had the skills or talent to deviate away from the steps laid out for me. 

I was so scared of not being effective that I lost sight of my voice and my authenticity.

Getting more comfortable with my sales copy skills allowed me to stop having those negative feelings. I was finally able to write things that aligned with me and my intentions. 

Remember: there is a delicate balance between writing copy guided by best practices and writing copy that resonates with your audience and feels authentic to you.

Things you need to STOP doing:

1. Stop trying to copy others! Just because a copywriting framework or certain sales page structure is working for someone else doesn’t mean it will work the same way for you.

2. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to write in a certain way. You shouldn’t be trying to fit yourself into a specific mold, as it can actually hurt the effectiveness of your copy.

Things you need to START doing:

1. Break the rules if they are holding you back from resonating with your audience. Trust your gut!

2. Think about your reader. Focus on what the reader needs to know to decide to take whatever action you are trying to get them to make.

3. Lean into the fact that you know your audience better than anyone. Let your knowledge inform the way you write your copy.

Coffee Break:

For today’s exercise, I want you to think of your signature offer and identify three of the most important things your audience needs to know before deciding if it’s the best fit for them.  

Then, make sure that those 3 things are bold, obvious, and clear on your sales page (or in your sales emails, or whatever kind of sales copy you might be writing for that offer).

Allow the things that resonate with your reader to guide the copy instead of putting pressure on yourself to follow best practices. 

By doing this, you’ll write copy that serves as a connection point between you and your reader, helping you create copy that naturally converts into more sales for your business.

This Is Why Writing Sales Copy Makes You Feel Uncomfortable and How To Fix It: The Bottomline

Identifying where the negative feelings stem from can help you write better sales copy. I hope you take away some ideas that you can implement to stop these negative feelings from popping up. 

I want you to see that this is something everyone goes through. When you learn to trust in yourself and follow your gut to speak directly to your audience, your copywriting skills will improve so much!

Thank you for reading!

If you love what you learned, be sure to connect with me over on Instagram and share your biggest takeaways. I’d love to hear from you! See you back here in the next post — and remember, I’m rooting for you, always.

For more information about the blog, or other ways you can work with me, check out: www.megantaylor.co

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