How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Write Stronger Copy


One of the most common struggles I hear from people who are trying to DIY their website copy is self-doubt

If you’re doubting your ability to write your own website copy, the first thing I want you to know is: that’s totally normal. Even as a seasoned copywriter, there are days where I question every word I write, and my backspace key and I are great friends.

If you’re newer to business and have never worked with a professional copywriter or copy coach before, it’s completely normal for imposter syndrome to set in. You’re probably not sure where to start, you don’t know what your readers want to know, and you have no clue how to tell if your copy is good enough or not. Sound familiar?

To help you stop doubting yourself and step into the mindset you need to write strong, compelling copy, I’m sharing some of my favorite reminders for whenever those insecurities kick in.

1. Remember that people want (and need) to hear what you have to say

That thing that comes SO easily to you? It’s not so easy for everyone else. And your future clients deserve to know about your zone of genius. 

I understand that it can feel weird to talk about yourself and your talents, especially when you’re just starting out. But if you truly want to help people with your business, you need to tell them how you can help.

I want you to let go of any icky, strange feelings you have about talking about yourself and the amazing value you provide for your clients. Brag it up, sister! There are people out there looking for the exact skills and talents that you have, and putting your message in front of them is the most helpful thing you can do.

2. Remember that nobody expects you to be perfect

Except maybe yourself, that is. We’re all guilty of falling into the traps of perfectionism, and putting way too much pressure on ourselves — especially when it comes to creating something, like website copy.

One of my favorite mottos is progress over perfection. Taking imperfect, messy action is the best way to put ourselves out there and learn — both from what we do right and from our mistakes. 

Whenever you feel like you’re taking the writing process too seriously, I want you to physically stand up and shake that pressure off. It doesn’t serve anyone, and it can be a huge roadblock for your creative process.

    3. Remember that clarity is more important than cleverness

    I fall into this trap all the time, even after half a decade as a professional copywriter. Sometimes I find myself trying to force clever, creative copy — puns, inside jokes, and pop culture references — instead of focusing on the task at hand: clearly communicating the message.

    Particularly when writing your first draft of website copy, I want you to focus on your goals. What do you really need to communicate to encourage the reader to take action? Get all of your key messages and call to actions down first. You can always come back later and add some fun and personality.

    4. Remember that the best thing you can ever do is just get started

    Nike said it right, folks: Just do it!

    I never, ever encourage forcing the copywriting process. If you’re having an off day and you’re doubting your abilities as a business owner, it’s probably not a great day for writing. Your emotions always have a way of sneaking into your copy.

    But when procrastination and writer’s block are kicking your butt, sometimes the easiest thing you can do is just write. Again, don’t stress about it being perfect. Just pick a couple of prompts and start writing whatever comes to mind. 

    Here are some example prompts to get you started:

    • For your homepage: What’s the most important thing I want my website visitors to know about me? 
    • For your about page: How can I relate to my dream client’s struggles? How can I put myself in their shoes?
    • For your services page: Who’s the right fit for my services? Who isn’t the right fit?

    PRO TIP: If you’re struggling to write the right words, try speaking instead! Pull up a blank note on your phone or a Google doc on your laptop and use the built-in speech-to-text feature to word-vomit your thoughts onto the page. (A gross analogy, I know, but it’s pretty accurate.) You can always come back and make sense of it later.

      5. Remember that you’re always learning, and help is out there

      I am always learning new things about copywriting and messaging — and that’s coming from someone who is almost as obsessed with words as she is with her foamy lattes. Why should you be any different?! 

      Especially as online business owners, I feel like we’re learning new things every single day. There’s always a new strategy to learn or a new marketing tool… we just have to embrace that we’re never going to know everything. 

      Copywriting is a skill that you will learn and evolve as you grow your business, and nobody expects you to have it all figured out right now (especially not me). The best thing you can do is invest in your learning. 

      No matter what your budget may be, there are always ways to invest in your copywriting skills:

      • Work with a copy coach or invest in done-with-you services (like my Copy SOS package) so you can write your own copy with a little more guidance

      Remember, you’ve got this!

      Learning something new is never easy. But even if writing copy is something you dread right now, it is still one of the most useful skills you can learn as a new business owner. Your ability to write strong copy will serve you for the lifetime of your business and will help you develop stronger messaging across all your marketing and sales channels. 

      And if you’ll let me, I’ll be your copywriting cheerleader along the way ;).

      Rooting for you, always! Drop me a comment below or connect with me on Instagram if this blog post was helpful for you.

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