copy audit by megan taylor

Copy Audit by Megan Taylor

Get a professional copywriter’s eyes (and a major confidence boost) on your DIY’d copy

Copy audits for online entrepreneurs

You’ve crossed your ‘t’s, dotted your ‘i’s, and finally hit publish on that copy you’ve been pouring over for weeks now…

But something still feels off.


The copy is decent, but lacks personality and punch, as if a robot wrote it and not a living, breathing person (I’m looking at you, ChatGPT)


People are reading the copy, but they aren’t taking action. You know your conversions could be higher, you just aren’t sure what changes to make.


You know that the structure of your copy is important, and you’re just not convinced it’s giving your readers all the information they need.


You feel okay about your existing copy, but you want it to be just a little bit more polished – and you’re too close to it to see what’s missing.

😴 In other words, your copy needs waking up with a little caffeine boost ☕

You’re not looking to fully outsource your copy, and you definetely don’t want to start from scratch.

But you’d love a little bit of support from someone who writes lives and breathes all things copy, so you can take their expert suggestions and run with them.

And that’s where a copy audit comes in.


Copy SOS

By Megan Taylor

Send up that distress signal and I’ll come flying in with my copywriter and messaging expert eyes, superwoman style 🦸‍♀️.

After reviewing your super short questionnaire alongside your copy, I’ll send you:

  • My detailed notes, with feedback on your copy, messaging, and page structure
  • Copy suggestions and prompts to help you if you’re feeling stuck when rewriting
  • A 20-ish minute video showing your existing copy alongside my suggestions

All showing you exactly what wording & messaging tweaks you can make to optimize your copy for more clarity, connection, and conversions.

It’s the quickest (and most cost-effective) way of getting my highly-trained eyes on your copy.

The Investment:

$350 for a standard SOS, or $650 for a full website audit of up to 5 pages.

What we can cover in a copy audit:

  • A mid-length sales page
  • An opt-in / freebie landing page
  • Up to 4 sales emails or nurture emails
  • Up to 4 Facebook ads
  • Your about page or services page (or upgrade to a full website audit at checkout)

Please note that your copy should be ready to go in it’s near-final form. While I can work with rough outlines, my feedback will be more generic, and it’s not the best use of your investment.

Want me to look at something that’s not on the list? Drop me a line at megan@megantaylor.co and I’ll let you know what we can do.

What others have said about their copy rescue.

Danbee, Website Designer

Megan is so talented. We didn’t even need to get on a call for her to understand my goals and analyze my copy to see if it’s written to help achieve those goals. Virtually every business owner I know could benefit from her critical skills and spot-on copywriting. I’m in love with my website copy!

Maja, Manifestation Coach

I loved how thorough Megan was, very quick to deliver results and super nice to work with! You are clearly an expert – you know what you’re doing and can explain everything well. On top of everything, you’re so easy to work with – kind, nice, so it’s a real pleasure! I genuinely felt supported and thought she did an excellent job.

Christy Jo, Brand Strategist

It was quick and easy, which is great. But the best part of it was how amazing it was. Not only did you suggest copy edits you explained each detail – the why! As someone that is working on a launch, busy, and tired…you made this enjoyable and easy for me.

Lauren, Relationship Coach

OMG!!! My husband and I just listened to these and we were blown away. Megan, you truly have a gift. We both agreed that we never would’ve thought to go deeper as you said. It’s made it so clear to me where I need to be more specific and expand. Thank you so so so much!!!

Jamie, Writer + Designer

If you’re worried about preserving your brand voice, a Copy SOS session is the best bet. You can learn how to tweak on your own, without feeling like you have to explain a bunch about your business for Megan to get the gist of what you’re doing. It’s a huge value for what you get!

copy audits by megan taylor

How it works…


Use the button below to pay for your Copy SOS. 


Once you’ve booked, you’ll be redirected to a short onboarding form, so I can collect all the info I need to get started. You can also let me know if you’ve got a deadline looming.


Once I’ve received your form, my systems will auto-magically send you a contract to sign. Once that’s signed, I can get started!


Within 3-5 business days, I’ll send you your review. That includes a 20-30 minute side-by-side comparison video and a Google doc with my notes, showing you exactly what needs tweaking + making some copy and messaging suggestions. Then all you have to do is implement those suggestions!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 🍋

More love from happy copy audit clients

Ready to get started?

Let’s make some copy magic, together.

Megan Taylor is a messaging expert and copywriter for online entrepreneurs. She helps her clients stop marketing aimlessly and start building real relationships with the people they feel driven to serve. More 

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